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About Us


About Us

Autosolution (Autosolution) is based in Shenzhen, China. Our  management team comes from Hong Kong. We focus on offshore software development services. Our core team members have over 15 years of rich experience serving overseas clients. Autosolution is fully capable and aware of your offshore development concerns, whether it's communication, methodology or technical skill sets.

Our IT specialist team has a board portfolio of experience on CRM, Web Based Solutions, Rich Internet Application & Mobile Technologies.

Autosolution Management

As an experienced IT management team, we fully understand the vital value of our staff members. We employ many measures to grow the individuals as well as the teams.

How we build the team:

We pick candidates with good problem solving ability, self-initiated, team work spirit & cheerful personality.

How we manage staff & projects:

With a good team, we are able to manage the staff by dividing them into small & self-driving project task teams. Such that the teams have enough peer driving force to maximize productivity. Staff are

shuffled to form new teams for new projects. New combinations pump new ideas to each team members.

How a team works:

Team structure is flat. Each project team has a team leader who's responsible for leading project progress, group discussion sessions, reporting to top management. The teams are encouraged to make use of white board for pre-development idea exchange to harvest group wisdom. Developed works will put under peer review for quality assurance. This is similar to Agile Development Methodology.

How the teams interact:

Inter-team meeting will be held by top management as necessary to ensure smooth project progress shall it be cross-team projects.

How we grow the individuals:

The top management maintains personal contact with each individual staff. We do mentor individuals from time to time to make sure the individuals could grow personally.