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Clients & Cases

GariGrid - Flash based applications & games on mobile device

GariGrid is a US based consumer electronics company providing specialized devices for elderly customers. Autosolution develops application & game software for their mobile devices.

Autosolution has built a few tens of applications & games on GariGrid's devices. The challenge is to deliver the best user experience on limited screen, CPU power & device memory. We provides both software user interface design & development services.

iStarband - iPhone Softphone

iStarband is a Hong Kong based VoIP service provider. In order to provide better services to it's customers, iStarband wants to make their services available to as many hardwares as possible. Apart from traditional standalone VoIP phones & PC desktops softphones, iStarband asked Autosolution to develop a softphone on Apples' new iPhone 3G mobile phones.

Autosolution has a team of mature iPhone developers. However developing VoIP softphone on iPhone is not a trival task. Our team overcame the challenges of iPhone hardware issues,  3rd-party voice codec integration as well as SIP service integration allowing users to check realtime call detail record and call rates. The result is a top quality softphone with rich feature sets.

IDP - Integration

IDP is an Australia based educational service provider.

Autosolution provided integration services of IDP's backoffice system with The solution enables IDP to streamline their CRM efforts with backoffice operations. Autosolution has developed a unique Python Salesforce API. The API enables us to greatly reduce the network response time of Salesforce services. The API has been released as an opensource project.

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